220 Hour Facial Specialist Program


The State of Florida Requires 220 Hours of education from a board approved school in order to obtain licensure. Here at Inspirit, we have the option for you to take an extra 80 hours in Holistic Beauty Education to help advance your knowledge and stand out as a leading edge professional.

Please see our Holistic Curriculum Page for me details about this advanced training: HOLISTIC CURRICULUM



ISHA follows an independent course numbering system to assign courses in accordance with program requirements. The system is designed to identify courses and differentiate the level of study. Courses are numbers sequentially and assigned a letter prefix depicting the program title. A clock hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of supervised or directed instruction with appropriate breaks.


OSFS 101Ethics for the Facial Specialist:
In this course, students will learn the nature of skincare as a profession, life skills and professional conduct needed during the session and proper client communication.

OSFS 102 – Ecology and Sanitation:
Basic and relevant principles of infection, prevention, regulation and precautions, will be discussed
during this course.

OSFS 103 Chemistry, Lash and Brow tints:  the ingredient list stated on the product container; for the different applications. Students will practice eyebrows tinting and eyelash applications, using safe professional products. Also teaches students, the
basic on how to make their own facial serum, creams, masks and body, face, hair oils.

OSFS 104 Skin Theory:
In this course we will discuss the anatomy, physiology; including management of the metabolic process; and the most common pathological disorders and diseases of the skin. Students are instructed in the most common skincare related disorders, caused by a variety of factors ranging from improper nutrition, lack of hydration, sun damage, damage inflicted by smoking, along with numerous therapies to mitigate; if not to eliminate; these disorders. Also, basic Ayurvedic body anatomy.

OSFS 105 Theory of Facial Procedures and Contraindications:
Students will learn about basic holistic facial techniques, treatments, proper procedures and contraindications.

OSFS 106 Hands-on Facial Massage and Manual Extractions:
During this course, students will practice basic holistic facials, while learning about its benefits.
Students will practice within themselves and on clients.

OSFS 107HIV /AIDS Education:
Students will learn about the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS

OSFS 108 Florida Law and Regulations:
The rules and laws set by the State of Florida will be discussed during this course.

OSFS 109 Electricity and Facial Machines:
Students will learn about the proper use of electricity and machines, and will be focused on proper procedures and safety protocols within electrotherapy, including microcurrent.

OSFS 110Removal of Superfluous Hair:
During this course, students will learn, practice and understand, the basic hair removal techniques,
benefits and proper procedures.

OSFS 111 Make Up and Eyelash Application:
This is hands-on learning and practice course. During this course, the artistic techniques to enhance the client’s beauty, will be explained and practice. Students will be instructed in color theory and facial features analysis, for an effective camouflage and corrective makeup. Students will acquire the basic skill for a proper client consultation, tools utilization and product instruction. Individual lashes and lash bands applications are also part of this course.ha



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